Infrastructure overview

At the bottom of our infrastructure, we rely on openstack which spawns our multiple VMs (what we will reffer later as instance) and virtual volumes. After successful spawning of the instance, it is assigned a floating IP used to connect to it from the outside world. The cloudflare DNS then properly configure the chosen domain name under * automatically pointing to the assigned floating IP. When the network has been properly setup, the installation can continue with kubernetes and finishes with BinderHub.

We want to share our experience with the community, hence all our installation scripts are open-source available under neurolibre/kubeadm-boostrap and neurolibre/terraform-binderhub.


NeuroLibre is still at an alpha stage of development, the github repositories will change frequently so be careful if you use them.

You can find more details on the installation at Bare-metal to BinderHub.