NeuroLibre is at an alpha stage of development, and is not currently open for submissions.

NeuroLibre is a preprint server for interactive data analyses. It is tailored for publishing interactive neuroscience notebooks that can seamlessly integrate data, text, code and figures.

For authors, it takes three steps: prepare, test and submitΒΆ

Our full-fledged (yet simple) submission workflow is designed to help researchers convert a collection of Jupyter Notebooks and Markdown files into publishable content.

Providing online-executable runtimes and a powerful data caching system, NeuroLibre makes a groundbreaking preprint server where you can plant the seeds of living publications.

As an author you should follow:

For readers, it takes one click!ΒΆ

The interactive outputs (such as interactive figures) are readily available in NeuroLibre preprints. Yet, if you’d like to re-run the analyses and reproduce the outputs, our powerful cloud infrastructure is at the tip of your fingers.

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To find out more about how to navigate a NeuroLibre preprint, you can visit Reader guidelines.

Contributions are welcome!ΒΆ

NeuroLibre is fully open-source and draws its strength from community-developed tools such as BinderHub and Open Journals. You can find more information under our github organization.

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If you are interested in contributing to NeuroLibre or to deploy one of your own, please visit developer documentation.

NeuroLibre preprints are beyond PDFs